20 Apr 2023

The yurts were lovely, the beds were comfy. Pigs 4-9 months - 1.5 lb (3 cups) per day Would highly recommend! They can get about 4 feet (1.2 meters long) and weigh about 130 - 220 lbs (60 to 100 Kg), with the males weighing considerably heavier than females. Excellent weekend,amazing views, good homecooked food .Yurt was clean and well furnished with a comfortable bed. Kunekune pork is drastically different from the pork that you find in stores. Good luck with all your future plans Mrs B xxx, My sister booked and arranged my hen party at barnutopia and it was a dream from start to finish. Kunekune meat is worth waiting for if you have the ability to wait. See you again. Michelle and all the Thomases and Bonds xxx, Amazing .such a lovely family .looked after us all they couldn't do enough for us. Highly recommend a trip to Barutopia. They eat 1 lb of pig nuts per day (half a pound morning and evening). Will definitely be coming back! Pigs only sweat from their snouts, so it can be difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. do enough for us! Additionally, smaller families might find the Kunekune to be a great fit. Breakfast was lovely. For example, when feed is limited, this will be first accessed by dominant pigs and followed . I cannot praise this place enough, will 100% recommend to everyone and anyone, Attented a wedding here yesterday for some good friends of ours, and I gotta say that Barnutopia did an absolutely, amazing job with their very first wedding!, everything was perfect and they were awesome hosts! The Kune Kune pig makes a GREAT PET, even the boars are DOCILE! We had our wedding at barnutopia in August and we can't recommend this venue and staff enough. We had an amazing time. Every lesion is the result of a bite. Learn about raising Kunekunes for meat, breeding, requirements for raising, appearance, and how long they take to grow before reaching market weight. They are a small heritage breed that are perfect for a small homestead. By the 1970s, the Kunekune breed was near extinction in the Pacific Islands. As far as pig breeds to raise, Kunekunes are a breed to consider if you are able to wait for them to grow. Patches of lesions can signify around 50-100 bites. They love having a fuss made of them and will lie for hours while you rub their tummies. ), Falcone Family Farms Blog Started 10/12/18. Kunekune come in a variety of colours; solid or combinations of black, brown, blond, ginger and white. What a beautiful part of the world, stunning cannot wait to return, Thankyou xxxxx, We are just on our way back from 4 night's at this awesome place! They fetched ice from the supermarket when we ran out, lit fires in the evening, helped us set up the venue before our big day and also cleared up the morning after the party. These "wattles" are called " piri piri " or " tassels " and can get grow to 1 inch (4 cm) long. Made to feel welcome as soon as you arrive. and spooky walk to the horse drawn boat trip and the apple bobbing we couldn't have asked for a better time! We loved our yurt! The campfires at the end of the night were perfect. Superb service and comfort and we are going to miss the food, hearing the bell. Just hook up a hose and it keeps itself full. Felt completely comfortable and very welcome. grass pellets and water in to a hot mash can be given. We stayed for two nights and despite the wet and cold we loved every minute of our time at. Handle your pig frequently (and gently!) Keep up the amazing work , What an amazing venue, had our wedding renewal here last weekend 22nd June, such a spectacular place, Katrina and Steve, were so helpful and professional making the whole weekend go with ease amazing! It is not common in pigs over 2-3 months of age. Some folks view kunekune pigs as impractical for meat production. If your pigs will not have access to the outdoors, you should provide 50 to 80 square feet per pig in the barn. They are about 100 to 150 plus lbs perfect size for processing. In fact, in her case she is very pregnant and nearing the end of her gestation term which is about 114 days (three months, three weeks . Kunekune pigs may not be as popular as pot-bellied pigs, but more and more people are getting them for pets. It is observed mostly in pigs from birth two weeks. These are rough estimates for growing piglets. But this doesnt mean that they will be willing to breed yet. If there were 100 stars for this review that's what I'd rate it! Thank you so much for an amazing weekend xx. happy couple got just what they wanted. Make sure to think ahead and install fencing that is also suitable for piglets. Breeders combined Kunekunes, Durocs and Berkshire pigs to create a new pig breed called Idaho Pasture pigs. If pigs are expecting food all the time, they will demand it whenever they want. We have stayed in Stable Stephanie and the lodge cabin. Though I find them to be quite unsightly and prefer them without wattles. We look forward to our next visit when bump arrives and can't wait to see all the new things you've done. Was here for a friends wedding and it was the most superb place to hold a wedding, every aspect worked imo. Farrowing huts should be roughly 7.5 by 5 feet. The answer to that is VERY important if you want to have healthy animals. Piglets are very sensitive to the cold and will die if they are not kept warm enough. Usually around the age of 8 months, Kunekune boars reach sexual maturity. In the case of kunekune pigs, this means ample land to enjoy, proper veterinary care, companionship, and mental stimulation. You should never keep a single pig. Our wedding day was exactly as we imagined it would be, which was largely due to their advice help and support over 18 months. Your breeder will help you in raising your new piglet and should be able to answer all your questions about your kunekune. This means that they require smaller pens and shelters than some other breeds. Booked the site for the whole weekend for a friend's Hen party and the place was just lovely with a great and friendly, family who run it too and make you really welcome We had loads of fun on the scavenger hunt and the yurts and other accommodation was great. 6 Safety Tips for Handling an Aggressive Pig Effectively, 8 Common Causes of Pig Infertility and How to Address Them, Is It Okay to Feed Bread to Pigs? Although both breeds are true grazing pigs, the piglets mature at much different rates. Excellent venue and even better people, Katrina, Steve & family all went out of their way to help and check everything was running smoothly throughout our stay. What you're looking at in the photo above is the clitoral hood of a gilt, that is to say a female pig who has not yet had a litter. Amazing week i had nice n relaxing. Wallows are easy to make - the pigs do all the work. A heat lamp will be helpful if it is chilly or cold outside. What a fantastic place Barnutopia is !! From our first visit to Barnutopia we knew it was where we wanted to have our wedding. In addition to helping with pasture management, Kunekune pigs are popular in non-farming circles as pets. A smaller slower growing pig would be able to be handled by my 3 year old longer (he is quite a mature little 3 year old almost 4 year old little farmer ;). 2 months - 4 months ~ 1/2 cup twice a day. They have to be wormed every 6 months by giving an injection you can do yourself. If you live in an area with warm temperatures, you may be able to get two litters of piglets from each sow. . Had a fab time this time with the kids they loved it had a hard time getting them to leave they couldn't have had a, better adventure will defiantly be back thanks again to Mr and Mrs B x, We stayed as part of my good friend Nicola's 40th Birthday party, which the whole site had been booked including the. We stayed for New Year and enjoyed good food, great company, marshmallows and stories around the fire pit, country walks to waterfalls, feeding pigs, fun treasure hunts and an awesome firework display. Really nice people, Fantastic place perfect for all ages my daughter is 11 months my son 4 my cousins 5 and 11 they loved it feeding and, stroking the horses and not to forget the pig felix and new arrival fiona we are booking to come back next year its an opportunity not to be missed !! Double that amount for winter feeding with access to plenty of hay. Venue hire Lovely relaxed atmosphere, in amazing rural setting, absolutely beautiful! Deworming is generally done twice a year. A huge thank you to the team at Barnutopia we had the best time yummy food, amazing back drop and laughs a plenty ! Since their main diet is grass, they thrive when they can come and go in a secure fenced-in area (often with a live wire) and sleep on sawdust or another kind of bedding in a well-ventilated shelter. Where do we start, we were fortunate enough to host our wedding here, fabulous weekend from start to, finish! . These pigs are highly intelligent and incredibly social. We made full use of the Party barn and facilities, including Pizzas, cooked breakfasts and pancakes and we had a huge BBQ on the Sunday where no one went hungry Younger pigs will eat smaller amounts, but at least some fresh pasture should be available at all times when there is grass. Ive heard of someones pig dying because it went 24 hours without water during winter. However, their numbers are growing. Ben January 10, 2021 livestock, pigs ethical omnivore, grassfed grazing pigs. Will definitely be returning! Just like some goats do. Very knowledgable of the area and things/places to do/go. So, they tend to poop outside. In the low winter temperatures, mature pigs just need draft-free housing and bedding to stay warm. Miniature Pig. Keep on keeping on, thanks to all the team , Wow! You may want to use electric fencing to keep the pigs from escaping your fields. Absolutely fantastic place. 706 936 38 76 Rey . Their coat comes in a variety of colors, and the hair itself can vary from silky to bristly or coarse. Breeders in a couple of states in the United States are out there, so check out local rescue or enthusiast groups near you for some direction. What an amazing hidden getaway. Purchasing a registered Kunekune ensures that you will get the Kunekune qualities that we love! It seems to me that our little piece of Shropshire, which happens to be *just* over the border from Powys, Wales, is the perfect spot for a couple of kunekune pigs. Could not fault anything, at all - everything was impeccably organised , great value for money and in the perfect setting. I loved every minuete of our weekend at Barnutopia cant say enough about this place just go and experience it . You would not regret booking here , Just returned from the most relaxing and peaceful stay at Barnutopia as part of a hen party. Yorkshire Pig: Are These Big, Friendly Pigs Right for Your Farm? Outstanding. Katrina was so welcoming, would definitely, Fantastic! One thing to keep in mind is that Kunekune pigs are slow growing. We had a wonderful time - from the treasure hunt. We cant wait to visit Barnutopia again in the future and would highly recommend this venue for weddings and other large events as well as family holidays. Kunekune pigs are smart and loving creatures, and they can make great pets as long as you're able to provide them with the proper needs and environment. The breakfast served the following morning was delicious and they couldn't have done any more for us. Two litters per year gives the body a chance to recover in between litters. We are all sorry we came home today. Thank you again. Feed the animals, and let them deposit top soil, then rotate them as necessary. They can weigh between 150 and 400 pounds with the males generally being heavier and taller than females. Recommended reading, Small scale outdoor pig breeding by Wendy Scudamore (past chairman of the BKKPS.) Productive Years For A Pig: Sows can continue to breed up until roughly 4-6 years of age, while boars may be done by 3-4 years of age due to weight. He tried to bite me 4 times. It was an amazing weekend. Just like other pig breeds kunekune pigs should have a balanced diet, and we have to make sure to never overfeed them. They can get along with other animals after a suitable introduction. As far as pigs go, Kunekune are easy on fences. What an amazing experience, thank you to the staff for a great family day out. Thanks also to everyone there on Katrina, Steve and family are fantastic hosts. Kunekune pigs (pronounced "cooney cooney") are a smart option for small farms. "But if a high-quality pasture is not available, whether it be due to drought or just not enough grass to feed a hungry adult pig, pot-bellied pig pellets and grass pellets can be used to supplement the diet." . Kunekune sows come in heat every 18 to 22 days until bred. BBQ Meat pigs - $150 (Adairsville) These pigs are good healthy eating pigs ready for the BBQ. Very welcoming and looked after us locals. This was an interesting one. They are very strong and will tip over buckets and water troughs unless they are firmly fixed in place. Pigs are notorious for spilling their water regardless of the weather. As with any kind of pet, ethically owning an animal often comes down to whether or not you can provide it with what it needs to thrive. They still have the unique short, wide snout the Kunekune is known for, but without the punched in, highly turned up nose. How big do Kunekune pigs get? It doesnt have to be fancy. Located in the. Katrina and Steve went above and beyond what we would expect from venue owners. We have made beautiful memories with our friends and family and would recommend anyone getting married to book this place! Males its best to wait until theyre at least 12 months old. Heaters are provided. Breakfast was delicious especially the famous pancakes. The breeding stock below show very healthy short snouts. You are here Home The Accidental Smallholder Forum Livestock Pigs kune kune with attitude . The whole site is perfect. The yurts were. Kunekune pigs were first bred from wild boar, and they were brought to New Zealand by the Maori people. Get your pig moving at least once a day, whether that's searching for their food, doing puzzles (ones typically geared towards dogs work great), or exploring their outdoor pen. While a Kunekune pig is still a pig, this breed is less likely to root than some other breeds. It is great for couples, families and party's. We couldn't have found anywhere better to help create a day that was so unique. We also took full advantage of the glorious weather that Mrs B obviously booked for us too . 51. Milk raised pork makes for tasty meat . x, Would recommend this site to everyone the place is beautiful the yurts are cosy and cute and to top that katrina, Steve, and family are so welcoming and friendly we felt at ease and well looked after thanks for a wonderful couple of days we will definitely be back, If it was just about the accommodation our mini break would rate 5 stars with a comment of very very good as the yurt. What are they for? I booked the whole site for my family and friends. The pigs, who we renamed bacon and sausage, were a lovely surprise for our guests and Mrs B's horses had all the kids in awe. Some people also like the Ritchie Hog Waterers. Would definitely recommend. Made very welcome. The kitchen areas are really well equipped (including the table football table our boys loved). Animals that kids will love horses pigs dogs. Depending on the time of year or season, a kunekune pig's hair will vary as they go through a massive shed in the summer. Welcome to the family, Tinkerbell and Mr. Smee! Kunekune pigs require a lot of care, but none of it is considered particularly hard. Thx so much for a wonderful trip! Felt like I'm at home. A minimum shelter size for 2 pigs would be roughly 4 feet by 6 feet. Real homily feel and a great space for any function. It looks like a seizure, the pig shakes and stumbles. Must also mention the warm welcome we got from the owners, staff and customers in the local pub, really enjoyed the cider :-) Thanks everyone, see you again soon. Great business you have guys, and we wish you all the success. This also makes them a great choice for a pet pig if thats something youre looking for. Thanks Craig, Carla and Cohen x, We cannot thank you enough for the unbelievable weekend we had to celebrate Laura's 30th. Nobody wanted to come home! Laid back, comfortable and stunning location. Pigs dont like to potty where they sleep. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); New items added to our store. Katrina,Steve and her children are lovely. Very friendly and sociable atmosphere sitting around the, campfire toasting marshmallows under the stars , I cant express how much fun me and my family had over this Easter weekend at Barnutopia. Thank you! In addition, Kunekune pigs are grazing pigs and need less grain to grow to market weight. All piglets will grow at different rates and food needs to be adjusted accordingly. #wewillreturn #pancakes #firepits #goodfun #needaholidaytorecover, Wonderful night in a Yurt, thank you Katrina and family for being so welcoming and relaxed. We came back having done so many new things together, and having an extended sleepover in the magical yurt was very special, especially as I got my own bed and it was warm even when there was a hard frost overnight. Beautiful spot, great views, and sundowner! Many pigs are messy and tend to tip over their feeders. Will definitely be going back!! the yurts heat up so quickly. We hope to return next year. Experience thereby has an important role in reducing aggression. Especially if youre after registered stock. Pigs sometimes lash out and bite, usually either out of fear or out of lack of discipline. Our family (37 of us) took over the site for the. From DNA analysis, it seems that Kunekune pigs have Asian origins. The miniature breed is not an officially considered breed as it is not a naturally formed specie. KuneKunes serve many purposes from pets, breeding stock to sustainable agriculture. Thus she is pregnant. A wooden cabin sleeping up to 4 guest, A little snippet of Elizabeth and Luke's special, Our event barn can seat up to 120 guests with our, Our 3 Octayurt's Yurt Bronwyn (yellow door), Yurt, OFFER CLOSED: Opening Month Deals June 2015, County Parish Holding (CPH) number from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), 30 Nuggets of Information About Miniature Hereford Cattle. The yurts are beautiful, clean and. Size: Sows get about 150-200 pounds, while boars can get about 200-250 pounds (sometimes even bigger). Lifespan: Lifespan can vary depending on living conditions, proper feeding, and care. These little pigs are fairly new to the United States and are growing in many niche markets. Just something that is draft free, dry, and has plenty of bedding in the form of wood chips/straw/hay. [In-Depth Guide] YouTube, Pros and Cons of Raising Kune Kune Pigs YouTube, Kune FAQ Empire Kunekune Pig Association (ekpa.org), 8 Keys To Beating & Preventing Bad Health, Parrot Care The Most Complicated Pet To Own. The sow's milk is a complete food for the piglets except for it lacks iron. There are certain characteristics to consider. A New Zealand breed, our kunekune pigs Felix and Fiona are delightful. Yurt was very comfortable and we were made very welcome the three boys loved feeding the horses playing with the kittens and feeding Felix the pig everything about the short stay was enjoyable including the free pancake breakfast we hope to return again. Sat in the peaceful, countryside just chilling and enjoyying the sun. What is a Kunekune pig: Small in stature but with rotund stomachs, Kunekune pigs come from New Zealand. We've just returned from a fantastic weekend away at Barnutopia. . unless you live in a very cold area. 10 Essential Caring Tips for Pigs in Winter, 8 Practical Tips on Housing Pigs and Keeping Them Healthy & Happy. The nicest and most, welcoming people you could ever wish for! They can enjoy life in any climate as long as they have proper shelter for the climate.

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