20 Apr 2023

Repair efforts by DWR resulted in heavy truck traffic on roads maintained by Butte County. 03/02/2023-09:00 223CR0004959 ACCIDENT ALUMINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES) . a natural reaction of a normal person . . which encourages residents to share video footage and incident reports with other residents and the police. Location Information. Fire crews worked throughout Tuesday night in an attempt to slow the spread of the Dixie Fire burning in California in Butte and Plumas Counties, which is near the site of the 2018 Camp Fire. The South Dakota Office of Accident Records maintains a database of motor vehicle traffic crash information for public roadways. I tried to email you it's not sending! Deputies found. County Hwy-S29 Road is closed from I-8 (Drew Rd/CR-S29) to CA-98 (Drew Rd/CR-S29). PALERMO, Calif. (KTXL) The Butte County Sheriff's Office said that one person died and another was injured in a shooting Friday night in Palermo. If you would like to contact me on Facebook my name on there is Brandi Cooper Sodemann or my email is brandisodemann@yahoo.com. The Butte County Police Records Search (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Butte County public records. Such records shall be replaced without charge. OAKLAND, Calif. As we recognize the second anniversary of the Camp Fire on Nov. 8, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) remains committed to Butte County's recovery. Crash reports may only be disseminated to the person(s) listed on the report written by the assigned police officer, including property owners, insurance . PNS - Friday, March 3, 2023 - U.S, Russian foreign affairs officials talk at the G20 Summit, CPAC begins, and health-care executives testify about Click on the image above for the audio. M-Th -8:00am to 4:30pm Crash Reports by State. The Bear Fire is part of the larger North Complex of fires burning in Butte County, Yuba County and Plumas County. Applications for various permits and licenses are processed in this office, including concealed weapons permits, alarm permits, solicitor permits, peddler permits, explosive permits or licenses for firearms dealers. In fact the Dixie Fire is just the fourth fire in the county's history that has topped 100,000 acres. Groups hope preserving biodiversity is part Click on the image above for the audio. Online: Buy crash reports on NDOT Storefront. 1844 Jessup Rd El Centro, CA DOT Road Conditions and Accidents . The .gov means it's official. Accidents in Butte County are a major cause of property damage, injury, and death each year In Butte County, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that traffic crashes remain a primary public safety issue. Perform a free Butte County, CA public police records search, including police reports, logs, notes, blotters, bookings, and mugshots. The incident is being managed under Unified Command with California Interagency Management Team 14 and CAL FIRE. . GREAT FALLS, Mont. Big Sky Connection - Members of Congress have begun negotiations over the next Farm Bill. Sheriff's Online Services. You may obtain it in online, by mail, or in person. Read our affiliate disclosure policy here. Records can be obtained in person at the office location situated at 202 Mira Loma Dr, Oroville, CA 95965, USA. DOT reports; Report An Accident >> US Route 57 >> News Reports. The crash happened northbound on Highway 32 east of Gianella Road at around 3 p.m. Benjamin Harrison, 41, of Butte was . The Camp Fire burned 153,336 acres, destroyed Paradise, Concow and parts of Magalia in Butte . The fire is burning on the . The provisions of Vehicle Code sections 4602 and 5902, requiring the timely registration or transfer of title are suspended with regard to any registration or transfer of title by any resident of Butte County who is unable to comply with those requirements as a result of the Camp Fire. SACRAMENTO - Butte County and the Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced today that they have settled a lawsuit filed by Butte County for roadway damage resulting from the Oroville Spillways Incident in February 2017. 12/30/22 12:45pm: Butte County Public Works has closed Oro Quincy HWY from Lower Bald Rock Rd to upper Bald Rock Rd due to flooding. Phone: (530) 538-7700. Prisoner / DOB / SocSec / Agency# Booked Booking# Pod Hold For / BondRelease Here is today's jail roster. Check on the condition of all people involved in the crash; Get appropriate medical treatment, and track the details; Take photos of vehicle damage and injuries; Consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Two years ago, the Camp Fire - California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire in history - swept through 153,336 acres over 16 days. Search California incident reports. Highway 32 is closed from Butte . 14166 Skyway How Pearland Police Department use the Mavic 3E for Accident Reconstruction Jan 17, 2023 It has now burned 963, 276 acres with 94 percent containment. Latest News . Butte County Sheriff Retweeted. Listing for: Enhabit Inc. Full Time, Part Time position. * Denotes required fields. We will prepare for this responsibility by our commitment to training and community . Reporting a Crime: (559) 852-2720 We are the Pima County Sheriff's Department 0902 or 530 22nd Street Merced, CA 95340 Phone: (209) 385-7445. DOT Incident Report. The fire's spread accelerated overnight, spreading to 60 acres and encompassing 1,200 acres within hours, Mercury News reported. In addition to 24 hour policing, we offer Butte County citizens a full range of services including, coroner . BCFAC provides a place to post firsthand accounts, scanner chatter, photos, videos, and media links regarding fires, accidents, and crimes occurring in Butte County, California. In Butte County, statistics from theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administrationshow that traffic crashes remain a primary public safety issue. Latest Articles. Pulga Road at Camp Creek Road near Jarbo Gap. Butte County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Fees DMV; Concealed Weapons Permits; Notary Publicno charge; 24-HR Emergency Services Meanwhile, Madera County declared a state of local emergency as crews headed into their fourth day of battling the 9,500-acre River fire near Yosemite. DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 03/02/2023 TO 03/03/2023, 03/02/2023-00:45 223CR0004934 WELFARE CHECK 1365 JOY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-01:22 223CR0004935 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-02:15 223CR0004936 T/S 2711 HARRISON TOWN PUMPBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-03:09 223CR0004937 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1532 ELM ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-03:33 223CR0004938 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-04:38 223CR0004939 DISTURBANCE-NOISE 1404 SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-07:51 223CR0004940 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1029 NEVADA ST(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:02 223CR0004941 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:04 223CR0004942 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 942 W WOOLMAN STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:10 223CR0004943 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1115 W WOOLMANBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:17 223CR0004944 WELFARE CHECK 310 W FRONT STREETBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:20 223CR0004945 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 18 W PACIFICBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:20 223CR0004946 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3703 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:28 223CR0004948 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 413 N MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:30 223CR0004950 T/S MERCURY AND SHIELDS BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:30 223CR0004949 T/S BSB1 (T/S @ ), 03/02/2023-08:31 223CR0004951 BUSINESS CHECK 58 W PARK ST PARKING GARAGEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:34 223CR0004952 T/S SHIELDS AND TEXAS AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:35 223CR0004953 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 505 N WYOMING STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:39 223CR0004954 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 225 N ALASKA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:46 223CR0004955 T/S AMHERST AVE AND GLADSTONEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:53 223CR0004956 THEFT 737 W PARK BSB1 (THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE), 03/02/2023-08:53 223CR0004957 THEFT 1370 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:56 223CR0004958 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:00 223CR0004959 ACCIDENT ALUMINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:04 223CR0004960 ALARM - MEDICAL ************ (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:07 223CR0004961 T/S S WYOMING/THIRD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:24 223CR0004962 T/S GEORGE AND HARRISON AVEBSB1 (T/S @ GEORGE AND HARRISON AVE), 03/02/2023-09:25 223CR0004963 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 134 CLAY ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:31 223CR0004964 T/S PLATINUM AND WYOMINGBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:41 223CR0004965 T/S MONTANA AND ALUMINUMBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:50 223CR0004966 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:55 223CR0004967 WELFARE CHECK 61 W BROADWAY STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:57 223CR0004968 WELFARE CHECK 800 W GRANITE STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:00 223CR0004969 T/S FARRELL ST AND ADAMS STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:04 223CR0004970 LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY 1500 FAIRMONT RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:12 223CR0004971 T/S MERCURY AND SHEILDS BSB1 (SPEEDING), 03/02/2023-10:21 223CR0004972 ACCIDENT GRANITE AND IDAHO BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:26 223CR0004973 WELFARE CHECK 1505 N MAIN STBSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:28 223CR0004974 T/S CONTINENTAL AND KOSSUTHBSB1 (FAILURE TO SHOW PROOF OF INS), 03/02/2023-10:54 223CR0004975 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1201 S MONTANA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:04 223CR0004976 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:07 223CR0004977 T/S TEXAS AVE AND SILVER BOW BLVDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:16 223CR0004978 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 1619 B ST BSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:18 223CR0004979 T/S FRONT ST AND DAKOTA STBSB1 (T/S @ FRONT ST AND DAKOTA ST), 03/02/2023-11:37 223CR0004980 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:38 223CR0004981 JUVENILE MISC 401 S WYOMINGARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (ASSAULT, SIMPLE), 03/02/2023-11:45 223CR0004982 T/S FARRELL ST AND HOWARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:02 223CR0004983 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:02 223CR0004984 T/S GILMAN AND BUSCH BSB1 (OPERATING WITHOUT CURRENT REGI), 03/02/2023-12:36 223CR0004985 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:48 223CR0004986 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 155 W QUARTZ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:05 223CR0004987 FOUND PROPERTY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:21 223CR0004988 JUVENILE MISC 401 S WYOMINGARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (ASSAULT, SIMPLE), 03/02/2023-13:23 223CR0004989 DISTURBANCE 327 GRANITE MOUNTAIN RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:33 223CR0004990 PARKING COMPLAINT 814 W COPPER ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:36 223CR0004992 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:45 223CR0004993 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:56 223CR0004994 DISTURBANCE 2925 DEXTER BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:04 223CR0004995 THEFT 531 S MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:05 223CR0004996 DISTURBANCE 2632 OTTAWA ST ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (PFMA - REASONABLE APPREHENSION), 03/02/2023-15:05 223CR0004997 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3400 HILL AVE(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:12 223CR0004998 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-15:22 223CR0004999 ACCIDENT S IDAHO/W PORPHYRY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:25 223CR0005001 WELFARE CHECK MAIN AND MERCURY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:25 223CR0005000 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-15:26 223CR0005002 WELFARE CHECK 205 W GRANITE ST #308 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:37 223CR0005003 T/S MONTANA ST AND TECUMSEHBSB1 (NO LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFF. State Directory; States A-I. If you require assistance filling out this form please call 402-479-4645, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm CST (excluding Holidays). Search Incidents: Begin Date * Searches limited to the past 10 days. ), 02/27/2023-17:11 223CR0004763 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 155 W QUARTZ (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:15 223CR0004764 WELFARE CHECK 300 W MERCURY ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:18 223CR0004765 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 841 W MERCURYBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:25 223CR0004766 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 3603 OREGON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:30 223CR0004767 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1739 FARRAGUT AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:42 223CR0004768 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:47 223CR0004769 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 100 ELDERBERRY LN(NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:53 223CR0004770 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:55 223CR0004771 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-18:16 223CR0004772 WELFARE CHECK 3015 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-18:37 223CR0004773 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 907 W COPPER STARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (PAROLE VIOLATION), 02/27/2023-18:38 223CR0004774 WELFARE CHECK 3420 RIDGEWAY ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-18:44 223CR0004775 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 849 W BROADWAY ST #ABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-19:27 223CR0004776 MEDICAL - ASSIST ************ (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-19:29 223CR0004777 THEFT 1729 OREGON AVE BSB1 (THEFT, ALL OTHERS), 02/27/2023-19:33 223CR0004778 TRAFFIC HAZARD IDAHO ST // W PACIFIC STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-20:02 223CR0004779 T/S OREGON AVE AND EVANS STARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (CRIMINAL CONTEMPT), 02/27/2023-20:21 223CR0004780 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-20:21 223CR0004781 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3008 MEADOWLARK LN(NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-20:41 223CR0004782 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY E 2ND ST AND EMMABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-20:52 223CR0004783 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-21:06 223CR0004784 INTIMIDATION 2011 REYNOLDSARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS DRUGS), 02/27/2023-21:48 223CR0004785 UNKNOWN PROBLEM 2403 BAYARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-21:55 223CR0004786 THEFT 301 E MERCURY ST BSB1 (THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE), 02/27/2023-22:41 223CR0004787 WELFARE CHECK 3099 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-23:25 223CR0004788 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 304 SILVERBOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-23:38 223CR0004789 T/S DELAWARE AND FRONT BSB1 (T/S @ DELAWARE AND FRONT), 02/28/2023-05:41 223CR0004799 T/S E PARK AND COVERT BSB1 (T/S @ E PARK AND COVERT), DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 02/24/2023 TO 02/27/2023, 02/24/2023-00:42 223CR0004490 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-00:48 223CR0004491 TRAFFIC HAZARD S ROCKER RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-01:05 223CR0004492 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3400 HILL AVE #1205(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-01:15 223CR0004493 FIRE - OTHER 2335 N DRIVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-01:23 223CR0004494 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1333 BEACON RD(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-01:42 223CR0004495 FIRE - OTHER 731 S MAIN BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-02:53 223CR0004496 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3947 PAXSON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-03:01 223CR0004497 FIRE - OTHER 1100 W PLATINUM ST (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-03:44 223CR0004498 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2777 HARRISON AVEARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (DUI - (REFUSAL)), 02/24/2023-05:02 223CR0004499 BURGLARY 853 S COLORADO ST ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (BURGLARY, NON-RESIDENCE), 02/24/2023-05:04 223CR0004500 CITIZEN AID 3400 HILL AVE #1205 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-05:48 223CR0004501 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1125 S MAIN(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-07:32 223CR0004503 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 65 VETERANS CIRCLE(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-07:33 223CR0004504 WELFARE CHECK 1142 E 2ND BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-07:50 223CR0004505 SEXUAL ASSAULT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-07:54 223CR0004506 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 2730 YALE AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-08:00 223CR0004507 FIRE - STRUCTURE 1340 HARRISON AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-08:04 223CR0004508 TRAFFIC HAZARD 610 W SILVER STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-08:13 223CR0004509 ACCIDENT GIRARD AND PLATINUM BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-08:20 223CR0004510 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 62 W BROADWAY STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-08:35 223CR0004511 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 16 E ALUMINUM STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-08:37 223CR0004512 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:10 223CR0004513 FIRE- GAS ODOR 2500 SHERMAN AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:25 223CR0004514 DISTURBANCE 2310 PRINCETON ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:35 223CR0004515 PRIVACY IN COMMUNICATIONS 3010 EAGLE ST BSB1 (PRIVACY IN COMMUNICATION), 02/24/2023-09:41 223CR0004516 CIVIL STANDBY 565 HECLA BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:43 223CR0004517 WELFARE CHECK GOLD AND MAIN BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:46 223CR0004518 ATL 631 W QUARTZ ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:52 223CR0004519 OPEN BUILDING 735 S MAIN ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-09:56 223CR0004520 ALARM - FIRE 119771 RICK JONES WAY FED EX(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-10:00 223CR0004521 JUVENILE MISC 2600 GRAND AVEARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (TRUANCY), 02/24/2023-10:07 223CR0004522 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2600 GRAND AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-10:20 223CR0004523 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 916 E FRONT ST GILLIGANSBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-10:30 223CR0004525 FIRE- GAS ODOR 53 E GRANITE(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-10:31 223CR0004524 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 901 N EXCELSIOR AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-11:18 223CR0004526 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 735 S MAINBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-11:22 223CR0004527 T/S HOLMES AND GAYLORD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-11:43 223CR0004528 T/S SECOND AND UTAH AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-11:57 223CR0004529 ACCIDENT PARK AND WYOMING BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-12:08 223CR0004530 ACCIDENT 4150 WYNNE AVE BSB1 (HIT AND RUN, UNATTENDED VEHICL), 02/24/2023-12:32 223CR0004531 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-12:35 223CR0004532 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3401 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-12:58 223CR0004533 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-13:15 223CR0004534 JUVENILE MISC 2600 GRAND AVEARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (DISORDERLY CONDUCT), 02/24/2023-13:21 223CR0004535 T/S JOES PASTY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-13:26 223CR0004536 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-13:53 223CR0004537 THEFT 3901 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (THEFT, SHOPLIFT), 02/24/2023-14:27 223CR0004538 DISTURBANCE 1939 PHILLIPS AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-14:44 223CR0004540 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-15:13 223CR0004541 TRAFFIC 2280 AMHERST AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-15:33 223CR0004542 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1870 HOWARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-15:44 223CR0004543 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1621 YALE ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:03 223CR0004544 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:06 223CR0004545 CIVIL STANDBY 768 BISON LANE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:07 223CR0004546 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 6 GLADSTONE TERBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:26 223CR0004547 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:32 223CR0004548 ACCIDENT 2930 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (CHANGING LANES WHEN UNSAFE), 02/24/2023-16:44 223CR0004549 ATL BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:45 223CR0004550 HARASSMENT 3400 HILL AVE #706 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-16:59 223CR0004551 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-17:04 223CR0004552 WELFARE CHECK 415 W GRANITE STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-17:07 223CR0004553 ALARM - FIRE 300 MOUNT HIGHLAND DR(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-17:38 223CR0004554 HIT AND RUN 3260 AMHERST AVE BSB1 (HIT AND RUN, UNATTENDED VEHICL), 02/24/2023-17:51 223CR0004555 MEDICAL - ASSIST ************ (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-18:12 223CR0004556 ACCIDENT 503 CENTENNIAL AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-18:17 223CR0004557 THEFT 2801 S MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-18:19 223CR0004558 ACCIDENT 2800 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY), 02/24/2023-18:20 223CR0004559 DISTURBANCE 902 ZARELDA ST #B BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-19:18 223CR0004561 T/S PARK AND IDAHO BSB1 (T/S @ PARK AND IDAHO), 02/24/2023-19:19 223CR0004562 T/S THIRD AND UTAH BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-19:29 223CR0004563 ASSAULT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-20:15 223CR0004564 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 800 W GRANITE STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-20:16 223CR0004565 CITIZEN AID 2700 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-20:18 223CR0004566 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 902 ZARELDABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-21:00 223CR0004567 HIT AND RUN 3901 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-21:04 223CR0004568 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 831 PLACER ST (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-21:38 223CR0004569 THEFT 2700 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-21:54 223CR0004570 THEFT 901 N EXCELSIOR AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-22:36 223CR0004571 T/S 1900 BLK DEWEY BLVD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-23:25 223CR0004572 ATL 100 BLK W GRANITE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-23:32 223CR0004573 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3260 ST ANN ST(NO OFFENSES), 02/24/2023-23:43 223CR0004574 VANDALISM/CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 225 S IDAHO STBSB1 (CRIMINAL MISCHIEF), 02/24/2023-23:54 223CR0004575 T/S 1600 BLK DEWEY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-00:05 223CR0004576 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-00:08 223CR0004577 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-00:48 223CR0004578 WELFARE CHECK 3900 BLK HARRISON BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-01:08 223CR0004579 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-01:34 223CR0004580 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1275 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-01:46 223CR0004581 WELFARE CHECK 818 S ARIZONA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-01:53 223CR0004582 DISTURBANCE 400 S CLARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-02:26 223CR0004583 CITIZEN AID 1830 PORTER AVE (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-02:33 223CR0004584 VANDALISM/CRIMINAL MISCHIEF GREAT HARVEST 1803 HARRISON AVBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-02:39 223CR0004585 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-03:15 223CR0004586 T/S KAW AND CASEY BSB1 (T/S @ KAW AND CASEY), 02/25/2023-03:28 223CR0004587 BUSINESS CHECK 1370 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-03:36 223CR0004588 T/S GAYLORD AND CASEY BSB1 (T/S @ GAYLORD AND CASEY), 02/25/2023-03:40 223CR0004589 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2115 S WYOMING(NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-04:27 223CR0004590 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1502 SAGE ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-05:55 223CR0004591 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-06:48 223CR0004592 THEFT 610 E PLATINUM BSB1 (THEFT, ALL OTHERS), 02/25/2023-07:09 223CR0004593 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 531 S MONTANA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-07:31 223CR0004594 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3517 OREGON AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-08:03 223CR0004595 THEFT PARKING GARAGE PARK STBSB1 (THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE), 02/25/2023-08:05 223CR0004596 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-08:23 223CR0004597 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-08:57 223CR0004598 HIT AND RUN 1440 W PARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-09:14 223CR0004599 DRUGS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-09:42 223CR0004600 FIRE - VEHICLE 190 MM 233 EB (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-09:49 223CR0004601 T/S MASSACHUSETTS AND YALEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-09:50 223CR0004602 CITIZEN AID 1700 BLK MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-10:30 223CR0004603 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2960 MAMMOTH DRIVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-10:33 223CR0004604 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2900 HARRISON AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-11:00 223CR0004605 ANIMAL COMPLAINT 2900 HARRISON AVE (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-11:19 223CR0004606 T/S 675 S MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-11:23 223CR0004607 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY GOLD AND MAINBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-11:44 223CR0004608 T/S 3100 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-11:55 223CR0004609 THEFT 2820 COBBAN ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-11:57 223CR0004610 ACCIDENT 3220 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-12:01 223CR0004611 TRAFFIC HAZARD HARRISON AND AMHERSTBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-12:13 223CR0004612 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2500 MASSACHUSETTS AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-12:35 223CR0004613 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3541 S WARREN AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-12:40 223CR0004614 DISTURBANCE-NOISE 606 SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-12:59 223CR0004615 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-13:08 223CR0004616 THEFT 849 E BROADWAY #A BSB1 (BURGLARY, RESIDENCE), 02/25/2023-13:18 223CR0004617 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY S ROCKER AND SANTA CLAUS RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-14:06 223CR0004619 WELFARE CHECK 901 N EXCELSIOR AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-14:18 223CR0004620 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1101 N EMMETT AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-14:23 223CR0004621 ALARM - FIRE 1818 MOOSE CREEK RD (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-14:34 223CR0004622 ATL 2607 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-15:32 223CR0004623 WELFARE CHECK 2045 ROBERTS AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-15:42 223CR0004624 ALL OTHER 220 N WYOMING BSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-15:50 223CR0004625 ALL OTHER I90 MM 232 WB BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-16:28 223CR0004626 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 50 W BROADWAY ST #302(NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-16:31 223CR0004627 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-16:51 223CR0004628 ABANDONED VEHICLE 1800 BLK FARRAGUT AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-17:48 223CR0004629 TRAFFIC HAZARD 842 HORNET STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-18:27 223CR0004630 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1 HOLIDAY PARK DRBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-19:03 223CR0004631 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3131 HARRISON AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/25/2023-19:13 223CR0004632 T/S HOLLAND ST AND MONTANA STBSB1 (NO LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFF. It may take much longer depending on the law enforcement agency involved. Our officers patrol State Route 70, 99, 162, and 149 as well as approximately 900 miles of unincorporated county roadways and 56,000 acres of state property within the Oroville Wildlife Area. Unified Command: CAL FIRE, Butte County Sheriff Department, Paradise Police Department, USFS. The Butte County Sheriff's Office signed an agreement with Amazon's home surveillance equipment company, Ring, in September 2020 to gain special access to the company's Neighbors app.

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