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Barred flannel skirt. Ring with set and name inside. Eyes unknown. Dark brown hair. Male. HISTORY OF THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD. St. John's, on lot of James Diamond. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Working clothes. Calico dress. Earring. Button shoes. Height 5 feet 8 inches. From pockets were taken a three-bladed knife, ring, shoe button, lead-pencil with pocket fastener, street car check and child's china ornament. Buried at St. John's Cemetery. About five years of age. Pearl buttons. Female. Button shoes. Black stockings. Supposed to be Walter Jones. Age seventeen. 15956, Download the official NPS app before your next visit. Weight 140. Bald in front, with large wart on right side of head. Found with Mrs Nitche. Dark hair. Boy. Hazel eyes. Loesch. Wart on left shoulder. Earrings. Height 5 feet 7 inches. [6] Support for victims came from all over the U.S. and eighteen foreign countries. Auburn hair. Height 5 feet 8 inches. A boy. His family survived the flood. Female. Female. The burst dam sent a wall of water and debris, 40 feet high and half a mile wide . Brown hair. Height 5 feet 7 inches. Knee pants. Age thirty. Gray pants and coat. Set and plain ring on right finger. Light hair. Twelve years. Two bunches of keys. In all, 67 deaths were reported in Pittsburgh and 22 in Johnstown. Large; about forty years old. Cash $79.09. Black hair. Age fifty. Hair gray. Age about thirty. Pair of scissors. Derby hat and paint brush found with body. Light hair. Red and black ringed woolen stockings, home knit. Button shoes. All other clothing gone. Flannel shirt. Prospect, June 12th. Weight about 170. It is estimated that one out of nine residents was killed by the flood. Decomposing bodies and cremated human remains were found at an unlicensed funeral home in Johnstown, New York, police said. Button shoes. Age thirteen. Checkered knee pants. Head burned off Dark lace shoes. Dynamite was eventually used. Height 5 feet 2 inches. Male. Too badly burned for recognition. But at around 10:30 a.m. Thursday - 39 years and one day to the date of the flood - workers with Everett-based Cottle's Asphalt Maintenance found that Yamaha 200 buried in the ground while they . Gaiters. An autograph album near her hand belonged to Blanche S. Wilson. Striped shirt. 2-foot rule in pocket. Empty pocket-book. Gold watch Elgin No. Blue silk tie with dots. White handkerchief around neck. Pricing & History. Lace waist over top of dress. Very large. Kid gloves in pocket. Vine street, Johnstown, Pa. Large. Age sixteen. Black ribbed jersey Black dress. Dark, luxuriant hair. Very few clothes on. Boy. The city regained its population and rebuilt its manufacturing centers, but it was years before Johnstown fully recovered. Very dark brown hair. Light hair slightly gray. Tall Brown hair. Pocket-book containing $151.00. Summarizing the flood's impact in statistics and facts is a quick way to convey the enormity of the event. Updated February 08, 2022 10:00 AM. Embalmed, and at the request of Mr. Friedman enclosed in a rough box. Blue calico dress. Upper part of face shaven, also upper part of lower lip. Age twenty-five or thirty years. Dark hair. Female. Age twenty-one years. 12 cts. (1911). Button shoes. Cambria borough, Broad street One pocket-book $1.95 in silver. About fifteen years. Black hair. Alex. Plaid coat and vest Black cork-screw pants. Age about twenty-two. Light complexion. A list of the Johnstown Flood victims is listed below and is organized by last name. Male child. Female. Red flannel skirt. Checkered dress. Following the 1936 flood, the United States Army Corps of Engineers dredged the Conemaugh River within the city and built concrete river walls, creating a channel nearly twenty feet deep. Weight 130. Dark complexion. Sandy mustache and goatee. Black wool hose. Red flannel underskirt striped up and down Left lower jaw deformed. Brakeman Cambria Iron Co. Left eye gone. As railroads superseded canal barge transport, the Commonwealth abandoned the canal and sold it to the Pennsylvania Railroad. Black hair. Black stockings. Leaf pattern. Black ribbed hose. Wore a scapular. Long gold breast-pin with stone setting. Weight 75 pounds. Food, clothing, medicine, and other provisions began arriving by rail. Male. Light complexion. Pass book. Died after flood. Home-knit hose. Belt of same goods as coat. Heavy cotton socks. Black and white plain skirts. Height about 5 feet 6 inches. Age thirty Height 5 feet. Boy of sixteen or seventeen years (Johnstown). In 2008, the bridge was restored in a project including new lighting as part of commemorative activities related to the flood. Stocking supporters. Sex unknown. Brown striped skirt. Navy blue vest and pants. Red mustache. The in-depth story of the deadly 1889 Johnstown Flood caused by the Johnstown Dam Collapse.On Memorial Day of 1889, western Pennsylvania was caught by a mass. Gave valuables to R. Duncaster in presence of Corporal F.W. Height 4 feet 3 inches Dark hair. Male child, about ten years old White. Fair complexion. Match safe. Weight about 25 pounds. Weight 65 Height 4 feet 6 inches. Female. Weight about 45 pounds. Weight 160. Fair complexion. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Age forty to forty-five. Age four. Weight 90 lbs. Leather belt Piece tar rope around waist. Female. Purse. Short black pants. Residence unknown. Weight 50. Slippers tied with black bow. Large waist. Dark hair. Black hair. Upper false teeth. Hand-knit open-worked sacque. Age twenty-five. Blue shirt. Below stomach teeth and two side teeth. Buried at Prospect, June 11th. Weight 160 Height 5 feet 9 inches. Apron of check shirting. This number of deaths was later surpassed by fatalities in the 1900 Galveston hurricane and the 9/11 attacks. The force of the flood swept several locomotives weighing 170,000 pounds as far as 4,800 feet, $3,742,818.78 was collected for the Johnstown relief effort from within the U.S. and 18 foreign countries, The American Red Cross, led by Clara Barton and organized in 1881, arrived in Johnstown on June 5, 1889 it was the first major peacetime disaster relief effort for the, Johnstown has suffered additional significant floods in its history, including in. Knee breeches black barred, coat of same. By 1889, Johnstown's industries had attracted numerous Welsh and German immigrants. Small earrings with ball attached. Brown hair cut short. Valuables given to his aunt, Ella Mulhern. In an updated, the newspaper reported that Pennsylvania railroad officials said "that over 200 dead bodies have been counted floating down the . Height 5 feet. Heavy woolen stockings. Medium stature Weight about 140. Age about four. Short sack coat. Philadelphia has made "the most livable city" rank for two years in a row. Plain ring. Broad and full face. On May 31, 1889, a neglected dam and a phenomenal storm led to a catastrophe in which 2,209 people died. Gold watch and chain. White underwear Valuables, receipt of deposit in First National Bank of Racine, Wisconsin, of $60 00, $74 20 in cash, three gold rings Ladies' gold watch and chain, one trunk check marked C. 562 Breast-pin. Nearly bald. Badly burned. Age fifty. Age ten years. Breast-pin. Morticians traveled by railroad. Female. Tickets to exhibition by the pupils of St. John's School, June 20th. 0:00. The Johnstown Flood Antique Book History 1889 by Herman Dieck Illustrated RARE. Sack coat. Ring on finger with amethyst, with G.L.H on stone. An hour after the dam's failure, a 60-foot wall of water and debris smashed into the thriving 30,000-person community of Johnstown at 40 miles per hour. Jean pants. Plain old-fashioned earring. Male. Female. Rubber coat and boots. Age seven Weight 45. The death toll hit 2,209 with one out of three bodies found being unidentifiable. Ring on right hand. Jackson street, Johnstown, Pa. Age fifteen. Height about 5 feet 8 inches. Blue eyes. Wife of Martin Greenwald. White handkerchief, red stripe border. Blue eyes. Cloak gray mixed wool goods. Heavy set. Black cheviot coat, knee pants, coat pleated in front White waist figured with dog's head and red collar. [3] The first town to be hit by the flood was South Fork; the town was on high ground, and most of the people escaped by running up the nearby hills when they saw the dam spill over. Blue calico waist. Revolver and knife. Band ring on third finger of right hand, hoop ring on left hand. Female. Locomotives weighing 170,000 pounds were wrenched from . Age four years. Body delivered to her brother. Black and brown vest. Age sixty or sixty-five. 10 cts. No valuables. Believed to be John Rausch. White and black mixed frock coat and vest. Child. Black hair. (2016). Skull cap in pocket. Elastic garter. Black quilted skirt. Weight 100 White. Laced shoes. Heavy set. Light calico dress. Weight 140. Unfortunately, Parke did not personally take a warning message to the telegraph tower he sent a man instead. Buried at "Prospect," June 9. History Of The Great Flood In Johnstown PA, Ogilvie, 1889, Sales agent's copy. Vol. Sandy hair. Male. Can't remove them. Light complexion. Female. Boy. Dark hair. Male Sandy beard and moustache, slightly gray. Striped white and blue stockings. Scarlet underwear. Postcard Real Photo Main Street Flood Body Found Johnstown Pennsylvania 1936. Age about thirteen. White plaited waist. Initials, I. P. or J. P. Male. 29-10. Two gold rings. Iron gray whiskers and mustache. Black jersey. The news release detailed the discovery and investigation of the bodies, which stemmed from a complaint from a family on Jan. 10. Age about three years. Weight 120. Black hair mixed with gray. Two keys. Height 5 feet. Female. Earrings. Female. Pair cuff buttons Bunch keys. Pocket-book with $6.10. Height 4 feet. Wool dress mixed goods, pleated front on waist, belt of same goods as dress. No coat or vest. Seven counties were declared a disaster area, suffering $200million in property damage, and 78 people died. Pocket knife. Supposed to be Mrs. Geis. Dark complexion Weight about 100. One small ear-drop. [9] During the night, small creeks became roaring torrents, ripping out trees and debris. Gas key. Watch chain. One witness on high ground near the town described the water as almost obscured by debris, resembling "a huge hill rolling over and over". Age nine. Dark hair. Supposed to be Mrs. Christie. Gray and black striped knee pants. Beale explained that this is a list of the flood victims as they were brought to the various morgues, embalmed and numbered by the undertakers. Black vest. Three white stripes black hose. Light hair. Calico dress. Body taken by son-in-law, Friedman, to Pittsburgh. Dark hair. Lake Mead flooded a vast area of the desert when the Hoover Dam was built. Weight about 135. Draft for $275 Cash $32.70. Gray eyes. Blue calico dress. Two strips of muslin tied around the body. Red and black flannel skirt. Black hair. One pair earrings. Editorial: J.W. One bar pin. Age sixty-five. (?) They were accused of failing to maintain the dam properly, so that it was unable to contain the additional water of the unusually heavy rainfall. Coat, pants and vest off. White canton flannel drawers. $29 54. "[23], Nonetheless, individual members of the South Fork Club, millionaires in their day, contributed to the recovery in Johnstown. The Homeless. Female. Black jersey. Height 2 feet 6 inches. Male. Gray wool undershirt. Full round face From Merchants' Hotel Identified by A. Adair. Gum boots. According to nps.gov, "of the 2,209 people that died 900 bodies were never found." . Silver watch, open-face. Check gingham waist. Body shipped to Indiana, Pa., via. Brass check. Female. Weight 90. Coleman, Neil M., Wojno, Stephanie, and Kaktins, Uldis. Dark hair. Age about forty-five years. Black jersey. Over 1600 homes were destroyed. Weight about 120. Age about fifty. Blue striped calico dress Gray striped flannel underwear. Blue suit. Age thirty-five. Female. Dark brown hair Leather shoes with cloth top. Black cork-screw pants. Height 5 feet. Height 4 feet. Age four years. Dark blue suit. Female. Delaine dress with metal buttons. Eleven years. Female Age ten years. Stout. Barred woolen pantalettes with waist. Age about seventeen. Johnstown Police detectives were . $75 in money. Purse with $1.96. Black merino stockings. Female. Dark brown hair. One plain gold ring. Three keys and a bunch of keys. Gingham apron. Male. McKean. Brown eyes. Age twenty-three. Age thirty-eight Weight 145. R.R. Female. Purse with key. Although some were temporarily interred in makeshift memorial sites, 1,222 . The body of one victim was found more than 100 miles away in Steubenville, Ohio. The other three investigators, William Worthen, Alphonse Fteley, and Max Becker, did not attend. Female. Leather boots. Hosts of martyred little ones, Age fifty or fifty-five. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Long hair. Height about 18 inches. Female. Black and white skirt. Dress alternate black and red with black flowers. [3] Lowering the dam by as much as 3 feet (0.91m) and failing to replace the discharge pipes at its base cut the dam's safe discharge capacity in half. Little jug charm in pocket. Two finger rings, one carved, the other ruby. Gum boots. A dam broke causing a huge flood, but before it could hit the town, the flood wiped out a barbed wire company. louisiana state police road closures,

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